How to increase your First Time Deposits: Best Tips

Rohan Rodrigues
3 min readMay 31, 2022

The efficacy of online money games’ marketing activities is crucial to their success. Gaming companies spend a lot of money on marketing activities to attract new customers. We’ve successfully recruited 1000 new players with costly marketing, but what good is it if they don’t deposit?

The marketing ROI will suffer if we do not convert new registrations into first time deposits. This is because the income earned by your platform and the number of ftd first time deposits are directly related. As a result, a gambling operator’s first time deposit rate should be prioritized.

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What are the benefits of making a First Time deposit?

In the gaming business, ftd first time deposits (or FTDs) refer to the initial deposit made by a new player on a gaming platform.

For example, a freshly enrolled player at an online casino who makes his first deposit of $10 is a first time depositor with an FTD of $10 on that platform.

What is the significance of FTDs?

It is impossible to overstate the significance of first time deposit rates (FTDs). The ftd first time deposit amount should be significant for a gambling platform to succeed. Put another way, only when a player deposits has one effectively turned a window shopper into a real customer. When FTDs increase in frequency, your platform gains traction. A rise in the number of first time depositors directly impacts your revenue. The player is more inclined to make subsequent deposits after making an FTD (loyal customer). As a result, more excellent FTD rates can help you increase your GGR.

Best Tips for increasing the conversion rate of first time deposits

  • Create an effective landing page: A positive user experience significantly boosts a gaming platform’s overall performance. Players are more likely to engage with a platform if they believe they are on a premium site or app. The deposit procedure is accessible with a seamless and appealing user interface, encouraging gamers to make their first deposits quickly.
  • Give real-time automatic messages to players: Send them a customized welcome message when a new player joins your platform. How does it help you achieve your goal? It’s easy to understand. It’s all about getting to know your players, customizing their gaming experience, and providing them with helpful advice tailored to their specific conditions and requirements. Personalization helps you capitalize on their intentions, resulting in higher conversion rates and client satisfaction. OptiKPI is a marketing automation tool that allows you to automate this process and deliver customized offers to every newly registered player in real-time. Our system works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and sends notifications to you via different channels.
  • Leverage player behavior: It’s challenging to predict preferences. Using AI, you may create appropriate games, betting, and content. Based on their activity on your website, you may secure deposits. In this article: Taking Advantage of Player Behavior, we go more about exploiting player behavior.

OptiKPI is the best solution for your iGaming marketing:

To convert freshly enrolled players into ftd first time depositors, gaming operators need a high level of awareness and large-scale real-time executions. It’s a time-consuming approach that necessitates a lot of manual marketing resources. It’s unlikely that a corporation that controls all marketing duties manually would get the intended results. The Automation platform from OptiKPI is the most excellent answer for all of your marketing problems. It is specifically built for the online gaming business. When paired with the power of AI and behavioral targeting, it may significantly improve the performance of your gaming platform in a short amount of time. A platform’s ability to customize and automate individual communications will aid in connecting with gamers. It will assist you in capturing a user’s interest and focusing just on what motivates him, therefore increasing your chances of success.

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